Dad’s Lolly Paradise

Dad’s Lolly Paradise

🍬🍭🧁🍭 Dad’s Lolly Paradise 🍬🍭🧁🍬

For the young and the young at heart! Some Dad’s have a massive sweet tooth and love a good Lolly! If this sounds like your dad, we’ve got the box for you! Presented with ribbons and a card this box includes;

🍭 250 gram Pick and Mix
🍬 4x Massive Theatre Boxes
🍭 3x Boxes of Nerds
🍬 6x Packs of Zappos
🍭 1x Warheads Ooze Chews
🍬 3x Packs Pop Rocks
🍭 1x Brain Licker
🍬 6x Candy Sour Cartons
🍕 2x Gummy Pizzas
🍺 1x Jelly Belly Beer Beans

Yours for only $65 

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