SnackEzy Halloween Spooky Mix  – 1kg

SnackEzy Halloween Spooky Mix – 1kg

SnackEzy Halloween Spooky Mix

Gluten Free/Halal – 1kg


Gummy Brains - Gummy Brains are soft, chewy candy shaped to resemble brains. Made with fruity jelly filled centre with an outer layer of soft strawberry flavoured brain matter.

Missing Body Parts -Molded as a finger, brain, organs, and other body parts. It features a combination of real-life depiction of colors for a creepier look.

Gummy Skulls -Crack open these succulent candy craniums with your teeth to reveal a delicious filling! The perfect creepy candy for your Halloween party!

Gummy Eyeballs - Bulbous and bloodshot, these grotesque looking gummy eyeballs treats are perfect for Halloween. Soft and delicious, just like real eyes!

Trolli Britecrawlers Berry and Bright Lightly dusted with a coating of sugar for a touch of extra sweetness, they’re fruitier and more balanced than those other, more overwhelming sour candies

Candy Corn x2 Varietys – Because it wouldnt be Halloween without it!


Best Before Feb 23 – You’ll eat them before then!



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