SnackEzy acknowledges and pays respect to the Darrawal people as the traditional custodians of the Illawarra region. We also acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and the relationship of the Darrawal people to their country. We pay our respects to the Darrawal peoples’ ancestors and the living Darrawal people today.

Our Story

SnackEzy was established in February 2020. From seeing an ongoing need in the market we decided to throw our history of living in remote communities, our love of small business, and our love of food and convenience together to create SnackEzy Tara and Dave lived in remote communities for 2 years before returning to Wollongong NSW. We have seen huge families and extremely expensive prices for pantry snacks and school food. We combined these needs, with the fact that many families cannot afford to buy in bulk as it requires a significant investment upfront. By creating our business not only are we providing bulk reasonably priced snacks to anyone in Australia, regardless of location, we also give many families extra time in their day by having the convenience of delivery, and the flexibility of being able to stock up and pay later, which many families have told us is so helpful for budgeting.

Not only do we do pantry snacks, but we have also opened up our warehouse to serve the Illawarra region, offering local deliveries and additional products such as frozen items. Mid-2020 we have also expanded into party favours, personalised chocolates, gorgeous gift hampers for any occasion and offer Lolly buffets, grazing platters and catering for all occasions. Food is fun! It’s not supposed to be hard - let us help at SnackEzy! SnackEzy is also committed to supporting small business wherever we can, for our IT services, printing, our boxes and packaging supplies and some products. Wherever possible we use recycled packaging and eco-friendly options. SnackEzy also regularly donates both funds and products to Food Pantries, Homeless Assistance Services and Domestic Violence Assistance providers.

We source the best quality snacks and drinks

We source snacks from the best places in the world known for snacks and drink and have a particular type of snack for almost every country

We love cooking

We love cooking and seeing what fun flavours we can come up with at SnackEzy so let us know in a Facebook thread or email us some stuff you've made! We'd love to give it a go or even reward you with a prize.

Our values

Wishlist Feature

If you wish to save your items and come back another time we have a wishlist feature

Fast Shipping

We promise to start working on your order as soon as it hits our desk

SnackEzy Reward Points

Every dollar spent we give out 2 SnackEzy reward points which you can redeem for prizes and items in store

Available Service

We always prioritise our customers and always answer our phones during work hours

Enviromentally friendly

SnackEzy likes to promote enviromentally friendly options ensuring everyone is hygenic

Secured by Google

Our servers are now the most secured in the world thanks to our new website update with Google Firebase


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my snacks?

Custom packs of snack foods are great gift items when you are looking for something a little different to the usual promo confectionery fare. So, yes. We'd love to help you with custom orders.

When will I receive my order?

Shipping times can vary depending on location as a rough estimate Metro NSW/VIC/QLD/ACT - 2 business days. Metro WA/SA/TAS - 4 business days Rural NSW/VIC/QLD/ACT 4 business daysRural WA/SA/TAS/NT 6 business days

Can I skip a delivery?

All orders will be delivered to the address of the purchaser and delivered on its due date to the front door. Custom delivery requirements can be made in some cases so please contact us as soon as possible

Can I add Extras to my delivery?

Can I add extras to my custom order? Yes, by all means, we try our best to get your custom order readily available within a 24-hour time frame. Call us as soon as possible if there are any additions you would like.

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