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About Us - SnackEzy

SnackEzy was established in February 2020. From seeing an ongoing need in the market we decided to throw our history of living in remote communities, our love of small business, and our love of food and convenience together to create SnackEzy. Tara and Dave lived in remote communities for 2 years before returning to Wollongong NSW.

We have seen huge families and extremely expensive prices for pantry snacks and school food. We combined these needs, with the fact that many families cannot afford to buy in bulk as it requires a significant investment upfront. By creating our business not only are we providing bulk reasonably priced snacks to anyone in Australia, regardless of location, we also give many families extra time in their day by having the convenience of delivery, and the flexibility of being able to stock up and pay later, which many families have told us is so helpful for budgeting. Not only do we do pantry snacks, but we have also opened up our warehouse to serve the Illawarra region, offering local deliveries and additional products such as frozen items. 

In 2022 - SnackEzy as a company has invested in 3 Commercial Grade Freeze Dryers. Freeze drying is relatively unheard of within Australia, however we want to bring our customers the coolest stuff, so we made the (incredibly massive) financial decision to buy our own equipment to give you guys the best tasting, freshest and best value Freeze Dried Goodies in Australia 

Freeze Drying - it’s pretty high tech but simple at the same time, you can freeze dry anything in order to preserve it - (eg coffee is freeze dried) it preserves the nutrients but suspends the food by removing all moisture.

Traditionally food can be rehydrated - think like Army Meals and cup a soup, but you can also just eat it freeze dried for a super cool texture. Basically the freeze dryer (we have 3 of them) takes them down to minus 65 - then all the water/ moisture is vacuumed out. Then they are heated and dried. This in turn leaves a light crunchy textured product, which is great for kids with sensory issues and for those who have issues eating sticky sweets! They are also just fun and cool to eat. They will last for 60 years but they do need to be kept in airtight containers to stop moisture from getting in and therefore they go back to chewy!
By giving our customers access to freeze dried foods we are bringing something relatively unheard of in Australia, but also as a Registered Nurse who has worked with people from all walks of life, with any different diagnosis and food requirements (as well as a mother with a child with food texture sensitivity) and working with many families with ASD, being able to freeze dry food changes the texture often making it easier for sensory eaters to consume. 
Food is fun! It’s not supposed to be hard - let us help at SnackEzy! SnackEzy is also committed to supporting small business wherever we can, for our IT services, printing, our boxes and packaging supplies and some products. Wherever possible we use recycled packaging and eco-friendly options. SnackEzy also regularly donates both funds and products to Food Pantries, Homeless Assistance Services and Domestic Violence Assistance providers.