SnackEzy OMG Bar - 75gm

SnackEzy OMG Bar - 75gm

SnackEzy OMG Preorder 7 Golden Rules

1. This is a preorder. Your items will be shipped as soon as we get them delivered to our address. We have been told approx 10-14 days. I’m going to say they will be sent sometime in the month of August.

2. PLEASE do not email/call/message asking why your order hasn’t been sent. It’s a pre order. As soon as they are in store they will be shipped same day. We won’t hold them back, we promise! The only delay is waiting for them to be sent to us.

3. If you order anything else with your preordered bars, (please do, it saves you on shipping!!!) it will all be sent at the same time, with your OMG Bars.

4. There is a limit on OMG Bars. 20 bars per order. You may order up to 20 bars. Any more than 20 bars your order will be not be fulfilled over this limit. There are 5000 bars available for preorder, of the 10,000 initial order. If you preorder you WILL GET THE FIRST PRIORITY OF STOCK. Once the first 5000 are sold, you just have to hope you can get stock when we launch, if you can’t live without them, we suggest you get amongst it!

5. Any cancellations/change of mind will incur a 20% administration fee. Please understand if you cancel your order, we are still liable to pay all payment charges. But honestly, no one’s going to cancel because these are amazing.

6. This preorder is for online delivery and for pickup in Warrawong store only. Pickup orders will not be ready until you get an email confirming that the OMG are in.

7. These are not for resale. We will be wholesaling in the future, but not as yet.

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